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Mario Costanz

Growth Strategy

Democratizing social media and empowering the creator economy inspired us to build Tribe. No more big tech taking advantage of users. Tribe provides the tools, technology, and control for regular people to profit off the amazing content they develop everyday.

Debarshi Chaudhury


Tribe exemplifies how practical applications of the blockchain can benefit not only businesses but also consumers. Now anyone from an entrepreneurial teen to your grandma can dive into NFTs with relative ease. Tribe is poised to shift the paradigm and foster balance.

Michael Tobias

Business Development

Tribe financially rewards users in multiple ways. The social component allows users to profit from engagement; the NFT layer affords income from transactions; and Tribe token soon will allow for in-app redemptions, and, in the future, cryptocurrency. 

Bhaskar Thakare

Product Manager

Reaping the benefits of the technology to buy and sell art without having to worry about crypto wallets or other things blockchain is what makes Tribe special. It's rewarding to be able to deliver these options to customers who otherwise may not consider NFTs.

Ranson Vorpahl

Product Design

Tribe is 100% creator-first. As a content-driven platform, every product feature in the app now and in the future is there to support a creator's social growth, engagement, and earnings potential.

Amabel Ryan


Tribe is about inclusivity, authenticity, and empowerment. Our team is building a product with low barriers to entry and mass consumer appeal. Opportunities abound for creators of all types to be discovered!

Matthew Xu

Software ARchitect

Leveraging emerging technology to solve consumer challenges is what excites me most about Tribe. The customer experience is so seamless, meaning most won't realize the blockchain is powering it at all!

Skyle Andrae

Artist in Residence

Designers and other creatives in my circle are interested in getting into NFTs but find the whole crypto thing overwhelming. Tribe is making it so simple to confidently dive into the space and earn cash.

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