Your Content, Your Profit

Making NFTs accessible for All

Post to Earn! Tribe gives control, ownership, and profit back into the hands of content creators. Social media meets NFTs in an intuitive, easy-to-use app that allows users to effortlessly monetize and NFTize their posts. No experience with cryptocurrencies or blockchain is required!

Always Free to Join, Post, View & Buy

Joining Tribe is 100% risk-free and is as easy as creating an account.

No Crypto wallet Required

Payments and transactions conducted in U.S. dollars through in-app purchases.

Control when to Mint

Publish on the blockchain when you post or at point of sale.

Set your Price

Decide what you want to earn for your creation–and retain 100%!


A social Community for Creators, Artists, Collectors, Investors & Everyone!

Post Anything!

Tribe offers creators and artists the freedom to express and showcase their work in a variety of formats. We’re building the community of “everyday” artists and collectors that value diverse creativity to cultivate a democratic NFT marketplace. 


Static creations from photographs to illustrations and graffiti to written word


Short form Moving picture creations including graphic animations or live-action


Audio based recordings such as songs, instrumentals, lyrics, or spoken word


Collect Tribe Tokens

Earn Tribe tokens with each activity in the app. Starting Q2 2022, Tribe tokens will be redeemable for in-app utilities such as minting fees, buying NFTs, and more. 

How Tribe Works

Upload Your Art

Simply upload and add a title and info.

Set A price

Decide on a price point and when to mint.

Share your Posts

Promote on social to get the word out.

Sell & Collect

View and track how much money you've made!

Early Access

Become a Featured Artist on Tribe

We’re looking for talented creators to join Tribe pre-launch! These vanguards will set the bar and lead the way for engaging and rich content on the platform for our release in February. They’ll also be the first to mint and earn money! 100 artists/creators will be selected for featured status and will receive these amazing benefits. 

Promotion via Tribe Website & Marketing

Get a dedicated artist page on our website and featured in our media campaigns.

No Minting Fees

As a Featured Artist, we'll mint the content you provide for launch free of charge.

Featured Artist in App

Be featured in the Curated Gallery for all users to see and increase your sales.

10,000 Tribe Tokens

Receive a stash of these reward coins at the get-go that you'd otherwise have to earn in-app.

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